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  • 24 Jul, 2017
    List of Olympiad Winners Session 2016 - 17
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    Schedule for First Periodic Test - 2017 - 18
  • 17 Jan, 2017
    Olympiads Time Table
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Campus Life

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Play way learning and interpersonal care share and mentoring to learn the basics of fundamental values, identification and pursuit of common morals to their firm foundation to bloom and gloom.

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Teachers play family like bonding to let the kids learn the skills and abilities of growing with difference with being galvanized in imbibing and cultivating the best of family values integrated with life skills and subjective objectivity.

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With adolescence ushering in bringing social psychological insights and transition, our seasoned teachers identify their age features,behavioral pattern to design their pedagogy likewisely under estimation to their individual creative sensitivities to cater their best in holistic outcomes .

Teachers and students co-exist in harmony and amicable comforts of head and heart application to hone and tone their hidden and clandestine best.

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The school espouses the best human ingredients to quench and quicken the unexplored, undiscovered and incognito as a suitable model and design to the students who stand not to compromise with less then none of their doubts and mistrust and handle their mistrust and triumphs.

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Exposure of information and knowledge is horizontally attributed to our library rich and shelfed with the books and periodicals as per CBSE specifications to enliven and enlighten the students to develop their knowledge quotient.

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Inquisitive minds of students find their outlets of beliefs and knowledge “doing is believing syndrome” letting our Physics, Chemistry, Bio labs to quench their doubts and enrich their foundation of beliefs to distinguish Facts from fiction and Wordsworth from Einstein.

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Healthy and wealthy minds rhyme with the healthy body sounds Epic and iconic in the realm and domains of Student life. We in school promote and motivate their physical fitness through compulsory thrust on different activities under following domains. We believe and eschew that motions promote emotions and vice-versa holding water when students learn team spirits and celebrate and glorify their participation and place as not only the empowerment, emancipation and enlightment for their physical and visual literacy.

» View MoreCareer Counseling

Preparation for career making does not stand optional in the age of cut throat competition and crash-carrerism.

At home with the inquisitiveness and curiosity restless for its outlets begets the concept of career counseling in the school under the seasoned and experienced career counselors right from the secondary level of their academic life. Students feel stress free to opt and pursue their aptitudinal career options at the right point of time to fulfill their dreams come true with their respective parents standing handy and supportive in their Endeavour.

This helps students easing their indecisiveness about career and enhances scope of materializing their best of potential and proclivity in totality and entirety.