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General Information

School follows English as medium of instruction right from nursery onward under CBSE affiliation .The new academic Session starts from 1st April every year .New admission process and registration starts from 28 Feb. every year, admission test are conducted from 21st march onward under verification of the test dates from the school office.

Merit and performance are the benchmark and yardstick for being considered for new admission .we are armed with the highly qualified experienced and exposed team of teachers following the interpersonal bond with students for their all round enrichment and enlighten.

We value and strengthen the affective quotient coupled with the multifaceted opportunities for holistic and hedonistic growth of students to learn the related skills through organizing different co curricular and extra curricular activities involving them through their respective houses represented in participation. SPS Students are trained at a very young age to participate in all extra-curricular activities. These include inter-house competitions and inter-school competitions. The purpose of these extra-curricular activities is


  1. To improve their skill in observation
  2. To develop their powers of visual calculation or proportion about any object.
  3. To develop technical skills
  4. Experimenting with new techniques in different media
  5. To develop a sense of imagination and creativity.
  6. Understanding different objects by their texture, shape, size, colour etc., and being able to duplicate the same on paper.
  7. To understand more of nature in terms of colour, form, shape and size.
  8. Understanding different cultures and different occasions through various events.
  9. Recognizing different emotions and expressions through portrait study.

The various inter-house activities for the students to participate in are:

  • Mono Acting
  • Fancy Dress
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Elocution
  • Essay - Writing
  • Quiz
  • Drama

The various inter-house competitions for the students to participate in are:

  • Solo / Group Dances which include Classical and Folk Dances as well
  • On the spot Painting competitions
  • Environmental Quiz
  • Singing Competitions (in English, Hindi )
  • Drama as well as Mono Acting
  • Declamation Contest (English & Hindi)
  • Rangoli
  • Fancy Dress Competitions


To foster better interaction among the students the following clubs have been started -

  • Literary Club
  • Eco Club
  • Science Club
  • Health & Cultural Club
  • Sports Club
  • Quiz & Debate Club
  • Cyber Club

Social Activities

  • In order to create the awareness about environment, health and burning problems in Society (Dowry, Corruption etc.) with the help of street dramas.