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Houses & Clubs

The doctrine of dream that exist with the network of love, service, sacrifice, sense of longing and belonging recharged with team sprit is the buzzword of our school. Following the tenets of the holistic sprit, the school has divided its students among four houses Shivaji, Tagore, Ashoka and Raman and different clubs with their teacher in charges wholehearted to their fullest participation in entirety to result in to cultivating and fostering the spirit of individual based leaders best social and community based under domain of the following clubs.

The name of the Houses with their colors is as follows.

S – Shivaji – Red
T – Tagore – Green
A – Ashoka – Blue
R – Raman – Yellow

Each house constitutes

1. House Moderator
2. House Captain
3. Vice House Captain
4. Students of that House

House Moderators

 Mrs Priya Bose
 Mrs Vinitha Siju
 Mrs  Shanti Muthaiyan
 Mrs Neelam Reddy

House Captains

 Master Shubhansh Bothar,    Miss Yashvi Adatiya
 Master Swapnil Thakur,         Miss Shivika Agrawal
 Master Hardik Patel,                Miss Shagun Tiwari
 Master Vishal Shah,                  Miss Jaya Gour